Food Safety

Food Safety Standards

The market today is flooded with a variety of food products and as consumers we have a wide range of products and brands to choose from. Are we aware of where and how the products we buy are being grown or manufactured? We hear enough about unethical practices being followed by growers and suppliers of food products resulting in sub-standard quality of foods. We hear about severe nutritional and health issues arising from the consumption of unsafe and poor quality foods. But we have no way to determine what is right for us.

Safety And Quality Practices

At Sahyadri Farms, we respect you as a conscious and discerning customer. We know that you care about what you eat, how it is grown, and whether or not it is healthy and safe for you. We want you to be aware and informed. And so, we are determined to keep food quality and safety as our core value and priority by being committed to delivering quality, safe & traceable products, as per the national and international standards requirements.

Quality and Food Safety Policy